Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Installing MediaWiki under Ubuntu

File this report under "amazing" - I got MediaWiki installed and working in less than an hour on an old AMD XP 2400+ running Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) & slaving through industrial protocol tests for me. I was really shocked - flabbergasted that this worked since this included installing MySql, Apache, and MediaWiki.

It was amazingly easy - any fool with little or no Linux knowledge could have done this.

Step #1 - Install MySQL Server; open the Synaptic Package Manager and select to install the latest MySQL server and any dependencies it suggests. See UbuntuGuide for a few tweaks to set the SQL root password and so on.

Step #2 - Install MediaWiki; open the Synaptic Package Manager and select to install the latest MediaWiki and any dependencies it suggests. This pulls in Apache and a bunch of libraries as well.

Step #3 - web browse to "http://{your-ip}/" - this basically pulls up Apache's default page and confirms your apache is running - it should be. The home page resides in /var/www if you want to change the default home page. Lots of stuff you could tweak here ... but none you need to tweak now.

Step #4 - web browse to "http://{your-ip}/mediawiki/index.php" - pulls up an "Oops - MediaWiki not setup yet" wizard that walks you through setting up the basic accounts and pointing to your MySQL server.

That's it - at this point you'll have a public-editable Wiki ready to edit as you wish. Since my Wiki sits isolated on a corporate intranet for my own notes and TODO tasks I am not concerned about hackers. Of course, just like Apache there are lots of options to tweak - logos, skins, and so on.



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