Thursday, May 1, 2008

HP LaserJet P2015 Extra RAM

I bought myself a nice Hp LaserJet P2015DN, which can print duplex or both side of the paper. It's a pretty sweet printer - $399 total (from and it has some nice economy modes which print the text in screened gray tones to save toner. It also has direct Ethernet, which is super nice since I have 5 computers at home (3 actively used).

However, there is one 'interesting' thing which occurred during this purchase.

The printer comes with 32MB of RAM and a number of people who reviewed the printer at newegg said this wasn't enough for full graphic pages or complex fonts. So I purchased an extra 256MB of the DDR-66 RAM from for $15 with free shipping (part number: KTH-LJ2015/256)

The reason this is 'interesting' is HP part number CB423A for my printer was priced at

... wait for it

... wait for it

... us$599.00 for the same thing! $15 vs $599 ... hmmm, let me think, which should I chose? The Kingston part even had the HP number printed as a cross reference ON THE PACKAGE!

Well, to be honest HP offered me an instant rebate/discount of $300 if I bought it online, so it would have been only $299. Those HP dudes are nice dudes (or dudettes) to offer me such a discount! Would save me $300 bucks even.


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